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Bible Study Conference Call

Please join our weekly Bible Study via conference call every WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Anyone can join from ANYWHERE.  Begin by calling 1-917-900-1022 pin 888-4713 at 6:30 pm and follow its instructions.  We look forward to hearing from you. PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONES!!

Here's How it Works...

  1. Grab your favorite handheld phone.

  2. Dial 1-917-900-1022

  3. When prompted for an access code, dial 888-4713 

  4. Just put your phone on mute, speaker, and listen!!!!!

  It's just that easy! No strings attached.  You can call in early and wait until it starts.  If you join late, it's no problem!  If you need to hang up early, it's no problem!  You can either join in the discussion or simply listen.  

Additional Information:
When you call in, and enter the access code, the voice will say, "Please announce yourself."  However, this is not necessary.
If there is noise in your room, it can be picked up and heard by others.  So please MUTE your phone.  


Pastor Michael S. Yarbrough

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